Gold Ore Production Line

Why need gold ore beneficiation

The objective of gold ore beneficiation is to upgrade the ore and achieve its economic value. A course of action adopted to upgrade gold ore subject material is known as beneficiation. The capital investment and operation expenses of milling equipment and separating machine are large. For this reason, economics plays a large portion in identifying the technique of gold ore beneficiation equipment.

Gold ore beneficiation process

First of all, the gold ore minerals were sent to the jaw crusher via vibrating feeder for preliminary broken. After reaching a reasonable fineness, they were being fed into cone crusher, impact crusher or ball mill for secondary crushing.

Gold Ore Production Line

Following grinding by a ball mill, the gold ore fines are fed into spiral classifier. Through the basic principle of different solid particles have unique sedimentation rate in liquid, spiral classifier washing the combination of ore and grading them.

Following washing and grading, gold ore mineral mixture were fed into the magnetic separator. As a result of different susceptibility of varied minerals, magnetic and mechanical power can independent the magnetic materials within the combination components.

Following magnetic separating, gold ore particles were being sent to the flotation separation. Now ,add into diverse chemical substances as reported by mineral traits ,therefore you could make the gold minerals along with other substances to generally be separated .

Following the gold particles being separated, they were finally be taken into thickener for original concentrating. Then, soon after drying, you are able to get dry gold particles.

gold ore mining equipment for sale

Gold ore beneficiation equipment for India is very diversified. Gold crusher is an important crushing equipment for gold processing in south Africa. The common used gold crusher are jaw crusher, impact crusher and cone crusher. Jaw crusher is the most common used gold crushing machine for crushing gold ore. Other equipment for gold ore beneficiation are feeder, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, separator, classifier and other equipment. As a professional manufacturer of gold ore beneficiation equipment, we can design specific production line according to our clients' requirements. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us.

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